Book a Property Valuation


Where do I start you may ask? The most important thing is to have your property valued before viewing other properties. This will allow you to work out the achievable price for your property, and, if you are buying, how much you can afford to spend. You will need to speak to a broker or your bank to find out the current interest rates but you can check with our mortgage advisers for an idea of how much you will be paying.

One of our expert consultants will value your property, taking into consideration local properties that have sold and market conditions. Once a valuation has been determined, we will advise you on what price we feel the property should be marketed for.



We understand that your property is your most valuable lifetime asset and that you’re trusting an estate agent to come in and out of your house after what is probably an hours valuation. To ensure you are confident that Orlando Reid is trustworthy agent we have carried out CRB checks on all staff members. Make sure your agent is registered with a professional body, ask where they advertise and that they have a list of qualified buyers looking for similar properties. Orlando Reid can offer you all of the above and would be very happy to value your property.



It is important to use a conveyancer that you feel confident with. We advise that you look for a solicitor prior to your property being under offer as this allows you to spend time finding the right person to deal with your property. At Orlando Reid we highly recommend a few local and national solicitors and because we use them so regularly we have a very good working relationship with them which allows us to progress the sale much more efficiently.

Please note that our non-local solicitors work on a no-sale no-fee basis.



The importance of presenting your property in the right light is key to a quick sale and achieving the best possible price. It’s important to de-clutter your property as buyers find it hard to see through the mess. If you are selling a property in need of work there maybe is no point in carrying out any renovations as there are a number of buyers looking for properties in dis-repair. Please note that this should be reflected in the price. If the property is not in need of work it is highly recommended that you paint the property prior to selling as a buyer will know if the property is right within the first 30 seconds of seeing your home. It is also important to present the outside of the property in its best light as first impressions count.

Make sure the property is in a photo worthy state when the valuation is done. Your property will be advertised on the open market and you will want to give off the right impression to achieve the most amount of viewings to allow you achieve the best possible price.


Ask yourself what is it about your property that made you want to buy it. Is it the size of the lounge? Is it the original features throughout? Is it the views from the balcony? Then take advantage of its potential. If you have a large balcony it is advisable to dress it up with pot plants, table and chairs etc. Vacant properties can often be harder to sell because a buyer finds it hard to see a property without furniture so consider dressing the property up with furniture. Orlando Reid can help with rented furniture packs so if this is something you would consider please click here  to find out how much it will cost you. The  general idea is to make sure your property stands out from the rest.



When viewing a property it is important to allow buyers to look freely round the property. Buyers find it hard to be honest with sellers as they know it is your home and don’t want to offend anyone. If you are carrying out viewings yourself, try not to follow the buyers everywhere as it can be very awkward for them and can quite often put them off even if the property is right. If we are carrying the viewing out on your behalf, do allow the agent to take the buyers round and lead the viewing. Our staff are fully trained in carrying out viewings and a sellers input can often be off putting. Never look too keen as it suggests that you might be willing to accept offers. To close the viewing, it is always advisable to leave the best room until last and talk about the property in that particular room. If we carry out a viewing on your behalf we will contact you as soon as we can to give you feedback.



Offers should never be discussed on a viewing directly with a buyer as it makes it harder for the estate agent to achieve the best possible price for you. Before taking an offer Orlando Reid will financially qualify the buyer to ensure that they can afford the property. The offer will be confirmed verbally and in writing to yourself and the buyer.



Once an offer has been accepted, solicitors details will be requested from both parties and a memorandum of agreed sale will be posted to all involved. At this point our sales progression department will deal with the sale and will be available to talk 6 days a week. Please note however that most solicitors work only Monday to Friday.


Once the buyers’ mortgage offer is in place, the solicitors are happy with the local searches and enquiries and the contracts have been signed, the buyer will in most cases exchange with a deposit. At this point both parties are obliged to complete.


On the day of completion, the remaining balance will be transferred from the buyers’ solicitors to your solicitors account. At this point the buyer is now the new owner of the house and you have successfully sold your property.