Do you need your property managed?

  • - Are you aware of all 170 pieces of property legislation?

  • - Do you have enough time to keep yourselves up to date with all the constant changes?

  • - Are you a compliant landlord?

  • - Do you want to attract a corporate tenant?

A good property manager will safeguard and enhance your investment.

Keeping you Safe and Compliant:

Your dedicated property manager will ensure that important duties are carried out such as Gas Certificate renewals, Electric Certificates, EPC renewals and arranging insurances. Orlando Reid also provides skilled contractors at competitive prices to carry out all maintenance. Non-resident landlord taxation can be accounted along with the serving of notice and chasing rental arrears. With over 170 pieces of property legislation, most private landlords are not compliant without realising.

24/7 Property Management:

Our online management tool FixFlo allows us to deal with emergencies out of working hours. All of our recommended contractors hold public liability insurance for your protection.

Reducing Void Periods:

A tenant in one of our managed properties has a tenancy length of 28 months in comparison to 17 months for a let-only property.

Maximising Rents:

Being proactive while managing a property during a tenancy is essential. We recommend two mid-term inspections per year to ensure the property is being maintained. We provide reports to landlords on current market conditions and comparable properties on request. We are always looking for ways to give you the best return on investment.


We deal with maintenance issues on a case-by-case basis. Due to our regular inspections, we are able to provide reports and offer recommendations on essential and non-essential works.

Rent Reviews:

Towards the end of each tenancy, we carry out a rent review on your property. Should your tenant want to renew, we will suggest a recommended rent level based on local knowledge and comparable evidence. Should the property be remarketed we will advertise at the best possible price we can achieve.


It is essential to carry out an inventory and check out on your property to claim for any potential damages caused to your property. To avoid any doubt of authenticity it should be done by an independent third party which we will arrange on your behalf.

Deposit Disputes:

Disputing over a deposit is a tedious matter that can go on forever. As experienced negotiators we deal with this on a regular basis and can advise based on results from previous arbitration cases.

Property File:

Never search for your paperwork again. Check out your properties viewing statistics, accounts, tenancy agreements, inventories, etc. All in your own online portal.


Time is precious. Managing a property can be stressful especially if you aren’t dedicated to it full-time.